Bleak House: Chapters 63-64

Chapters 63-64: “Steel and Iron”; “Esther’s Narrative”

Summary: George reunites with his brother and is offered a job, but he says that he’s decided to stay at Chesney Wold with his mom. Then Mr. Jarndyce has Esther come to a special house he’s had set up for Mr. Woodcourt. After showing it off and how it looks almost exactly like Bleak House (and he’s even called it Bleak House), Mr. J reveals that instead of marrying him she will marry Woodcourt–except it was sweeter than that and up to her, not forced, and Esther is so happy. Then Guppy proposes and Mr. J tells him no for Esther and Mrs. Guppy gets very angry and it’s very funny.

Reaction: It was all very sweet and satisfying, and funny too.

Prediction: I am now ending this section for this book–because I finished this book and have nothing left to predict. Yay!

Why This Book Is a Classic: Arranged marriage…sort of. Technically Mr. J is just setting E up with the guy she’s already in love with, but it’s still kind of an arranged marriage.

Our Lesson: Happy endings! Yay, everything is looking so nice…and I think I’m going to end this section too because everything from now on is just wrap up


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