Reds v. Cardinals Weekend 5/14-5/15

This is way late–so late I barely remember the games–except for the wetness and winning.


  • It only rained a little before the start. After that the weather fluctuated from chilly and windy to sunny and hot and back again.
  • Cute old couple ahead of us taking turns keeping score in a special scoring notebook. Someday that could be me.
  • We beat those Cardinals!


  • The best seats I ever had–and they were free! Andrea’s cousin took us and his daughter, Tina. We were five rows back on the 3rd base side. We could see what kind of underwear (or lack of) the 3rd basemen and shortstops were wearing.
  • It rained the whole time, but not enough to delay the game.
  • The game went fairly quickly until Chapman came out. Then they almost came back to beat us–but…
  • We beat those Cardinals!

No more games for me until June 18. Anyone want to come with? I have an extra ticket 🙂


New Post

I have decided that I want to put up a blog post today, in the tradition of when I used to do this regularly.

So, an update.

My “New Book” is finished, rough draft-wise. I think it’s my best one yet, but for some reason I’m having a hard time getting back to proofreading it and all that other stuff for perfecting it, like making all the synopses for agents and pitches and thinking of a title. My excuse: it needs time to rest (it’s almost been 6 months since I seriously worked on it).

I have an idea for another new book, and it is one I’ve had for a long time but knew I wasn’t ready to pull off before (hopefully) now, as it requires a lot of world building. Progress on this one so far: idea for a plot; idea for characters, but nothing too specific yet–definitely nothing that makes them come alive; and the big breakthrough: I have decided on the song of the book. Some people make playlists, but I generally have one song that kind of reflects, at least to me, the tone of the book, or at least one major scene. It is: “Planetary (Go!)” by My Chemical Romance.

I am in class right now for my job as a preschool teacher, but I get a break over the summer (last class June 1!), so I am hoping to make some progress writing-wise at that time.

We’ll see.

I also hope to make more regular posts. I like this little blog and I want to keep it up. That’s all for now!

Reds v. Marlins: The Streak Continues

The streak I reference is not some streak of the Reds, though as of today they are at least maintaining .500. So far the Reds have won every game I’ve attended!

I did pretty good this time, if I do say so myself!


  • Joey Votto bobblehead night!
  • Bobbleheads are very popular, apparently, as is Joey Votto. The game was sold out.
  • Apparently, when the game is sold out, season ticket holders don’t get the privilege of coming in 30 minutes before everyone else, so batting practice was packed. I apologize to anyone I pushed past to get to the gate saying, “Excuse me, I’m a season ticket holder–I get in early.” But we all got our bobbleheads, so no worries.
  • Cheers to my new visor, bought with babysitting money!
  • Tracy on 700 WLW is right. Women at baseball games are annoying. (Not me, of course.) The women behind us never shut up. They were loud and wouldn’t let their boyfriends watch the game. Then they made their boyfriends leave early. (Sucks for them, but good for me)
  • Our neighbors on both sides also hold season tickets, and they have now learned not to walk in front of us!
  • Best of all we win–another exciting walk-off win in the 9th!

There were probably more highlights, but I waited too long to write this, and my memory is too short–especially this week.