Bleak House: Chapters 61-62

Chapters 61-2: “A Discovery”; “Another Discovery”

Summary: Esther tells Skimpole not to visit Richard anymore and he seems to agree, then we are done with Skimpole! Woodcourt confesses to Esther that he is very much in love with her, but she turns him down because she’s already promised Mr. Jarndyce. Then, Esther and Mr. J plan their wedding–the next month. Mr. Bucket turns up with Mr. Smallweed and announces that a new will has been found that could really move Jarndyce v Jarndyce along, but Mr. J doesn’t care. Court will go back in session the next month.

Reaction: Thank god we are done with Skimpole. He was so annoying. And the Woodcourt confession was so sweet–definitely not unexpected, but sweet.

Prediction: More and more is wrapping up. Upon reading this I still didn’t believe the book was closed on Woodcourt. I knew Mr. J was too smart and kind to ignore true love.

Why This Book Is a Classic: Classic love confession. Love confessions happen all the time in books, but there’s something special about one told in this style.

Our Lesson: Don’t settle. Believe in yourself! Love is out there!


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