Dear Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Planners

I just finished the Susan G. Komen 5k for breast cancer research, and I have a few follow-up comments.

Start with a positive: Yay for putting on a big event raising lots of money for a great charity!

Now, the rest:

  • Since the race is advertized as a “Timed Event” it would be nice if the event was actually timed with chips, as pretty much every race in Cincinnati is because this is a big running town, and we’ve begun to expect things like accurate results
  • It would have been nice to have started on time
  • Perhaps the organizers should have been sure where the start of the line was instead of moving a small group of us back and then making us all move forward again before we started
  • Simply announcing that the non-competitive racers had to move out of the way and wait until a later start time was not enough. Tons of the people in my way at the start were wearing the wrong bibs
  • I could have done without the rain, but that was beyond anyone’s control. The temperature was okay.
  • It would have been really nice if race workers would have stayed around to collect our bib tear-offs even though we weren’t the fastest runners. We would have finished with a personal best time if said time would have been recorded
  • If someone cuts in front of another person in the stretching/massage line and takes her table, and she agrees to get stretched out on the ground even though she’d been waiting and waiting for a table, it would be kind not to take her out from under the tent and make her lie on the wet concrete
  • And a big note to any race organizers out there: At the end of a race provide cookies. Lots and lots of cookies! That is the real reason everyone wants to cross that finish line–to get to the cookies! (Thank you, Subway for providing my unofficial/official end-of-race cookie)

That’s all. I hope you take this into account for the next race, which I will not be attending. Susan G. Komen, future donations will be made in the traditional manner.