Opening Day 2011: Reds vs. Brewers

In the past (high school) I wrote stories through sporting events, but now I actullay pay attention and enjoy! Keeping score is fun!

3-31-11 Brewers Opening Day

My score card in all its glory--and the golden ticket!

Highlights of this EPIC day:

  • Freezing. It’s probably about 40 degrees all day, mostly cloudy and sometimes windy, and normally I don’t mind cold, but this is almost too much.
  • Day off of work! No screaming children! Wait…parade, baseball game…never mind.
  • Eating garlic knots from a food truck while waiting for the parade. Yum!
  • Seeing Mike Leake and Travis Wood in the parade (then leaving the parade to get to the ballpark because the parade is hours long and will not even necessarily be over before the game starts, and that is way, way too late).
  • Going to the ballpark for the first time after 6 months.
  • Getting a free rally towel–but it’s really dusty–left over from last year, I guess.
  • My best friend Andrea finally catches a ball (after winning a battle with a much larger man) at batting practice–yay!
  • Eating a hot dog and a half.
  • Setting up my score card.
  • Yay! It’s started! (It’s still freezing)
  • Baseball, baseball, baseball!
  • Jay Bruce, Jay Bruce, Jay Bruce!
  • Joey Votto, Joey Votto, Joey Votto!
  • Paul Janish gets to start finally–and he does pretty good in the second half.
  • Having a delicious Knuxy’s Knot (a buttery, salty, sooo yummy gourmet soft pretzel)
  • Seeing Cage the Elephant–I really like their 1st CD and new single, but they really should have practiced for the 7th inning stretch because they certainly didn’t make any new fans today.
  • Keeping up on the scorecard the whole game!
  • Ramon Hernandez! OMG—Hernandez gets a walk-off home run!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
  • Dancing, jumping, screaming–jumping some more to warm up a little.
  • Getting in the car with the heater at full blast and listening to Marty and the Cowboy’s postgame.

Yay! Opening Day! Next: Opening Night (probably even colder)