Reds vs. Indians Report

I had a lot of fun with Jacob and Colton when they came to visit last week–I was also very busy and very tired, hence me not posting anything until now. One of our adventures was going to the Reds game as part of a “Tweet Up” package. We got to sit on the lower section and got shirts and got to get in super early for batting practice. Unfortunately we lost. We really, really lost.

A loser scorecard (and I don't just mean my amateur score-keeping ability)


  • Jacob and Colton both got a ball during batting practice. Thanks, Mike Leake, for tossing them up to them! Leake is now their favorite player! I like him too 🙂
  • We stood at the side of the field for about 2 and a half hours, but no one signed our balls this time except the boys did get Rosie and Mr. Redlegs. Scott Rolen stopped like one person away from us 😦
  • We talked to a nice security guard about baseball for a while while we were waiting. She was impressed at our collection of pitchers’ signatures. If only we could get other position players to sign…
  • Volquez did not pitch, thank goodness. But Arroyo still couldn’t pull it together. Of course, if anyone besides Brandon Phillips had done some hitting and scoring maybe this would have turned out differently.
  • Brandon Phillips got his 1000th hit and it was a home run!
  • The people in front of us were pretty nice and their kids were cute. They high-fived us when we all turned our hats over for rally time. I did not care so much for the ladies next to me, though. Let’s just say I felt a bit squished in my seat, and I stayed to Jacob’s side of the chair.
  • I think I prefer to sit up in the view box than toward the back of the lower section. There were way too many people in front of me.
  • I was actually glad to leave before the fireworks were over. So tired–and we were at King’s Island all day the next day.

Other special activities of the week of the boy’s visit: King’s Island, big cookout lunch with delicious desserts, rock climbing one evening–a great time to go: lots of hot guys climbing with shirts off! And I had fun with Andrea, Jake, and Colton as well.

Now that they’re gone do I get to rest? Hell, no. My July is jam-packed with fun. Kayaking, putt-putt, movies this weekend; being a tourist in Cincinnati with my parents and brother next weekend, then vacation the following week and two weekends, topped off with a 5k run in Green Bay!

I don’t hold out much hope for August either…But I’m having fun even if I don’t have much downtime or sleep time.