Bleak House: Chapters 65-67

Chapters 65-The End: “Beginning the World”; “Down in Lincolnshire”; “The Close of Esther’s Narrative”

Summary: Court is back in session and Jarndyce v Jarndyce is finally finished. The bad news is that all the battled-over inheritance was spent up in court costs. Richard is relieved it’s over, but he’s sick and spent. Esther and co. plan to take him and his family to stay at her new house. Elsewhere, at Chesney Wold, everything is calm and boring. Sir Leicester isn’t as fun as he used to be, but the good people in his life are still around and life goes on. Finally, Esther is settled in her new home (it’s 7 years later). Richard died, but Ada had a Richard Jr., and Esther has had 2 kids too, and they all live together, and Mr. J is there all the time and everyone is very happy. The End!

Reaction: It was a good book. Lots of great characters and lots of unique ones, and some villains too. Mystery, intrigue, and all that was good too. Overall it was a great read!

Why This Book Is a Classic: Well, it was long and epic, covering a large cast of characters that were fleshed out when needed. It was funny and tragic and it satirized the problems of his day but has echoes into our day. It is definitely a classic.


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