On the American Work Ethic

This post is by my character Spriggy. He is a character from my new book (still has no title). Lindsay comes to him for help, but, as you will read, his version of help is probably not what she’s looking for.

Americans work too hard. Spending eight or more hours each day as a slave is not the life any of us dreamed of when we were kids. The forefathers of our country never put in the Bill of Rights (as far as I know–I haven’t actually read it) that we have the right to spend our time suffering.

People say we have to work–how else could we pay our bills? Working for money is okay–to a degree–but when it becomes working for fulfillment I see a big problem. A job shouldn’t be what people turn to for happiness.

The American dream is to be happy, so I am clearly the idea American. I am perfectly happy without needing to do anything. My perfect day would be sitting around, talking to some good friends, doing nothing but eating and drinking. Since I do that most of the time, I feel my life is complete.

Those who work for money but can’t seem to get enough no matter how many hours they put in are doing something wrong. I only work when I have to, and I have everything I need. Who needs fancy furniture or hundreds of TV stations or 20 different outfits? If you don’t have all that crap you don’t have to work so hard.

A simple life is the best life.