Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans

Summary: Mycroft, who Sherlock creepily calls “Brother Mycroft,” returns with a case for Sherlock. Some stolen submarine plans had been found on the body of a government employee, but three critical ones were missing. Mycroft appeals to Sherlock’s patriotism to help him, for some reason, but Sherlock agrees because of the puzzle of it. After breaking into a suspected spy’s house, Sherlock finds what he needs to figure out the mystery. Another employee had stolen the papers and the dead one had followed him. They spy had killed him and fled, but Sherlock got both of them by setting a trap.

Sherlock Rating: 4.5 magnifying glasses. Was good. The only thing lowering the score for me was the stuff with the papers/politics (see next section)

Mystery Story Convention: I’m starting to get tired of these stolen government papers stories. Sherlock doesn’t care about politics or government papers, which I’m glad of. I just wish he’d stop taking cases about them.