Sherlock Holmes: “The Adventure of the Dying Detective”

Summary: Mrs. Hudson comes to Watson, begging him to come help Sherlock, who seems to be sick and dying. (Watson is still married in this one). He hurries over, and Sherlock won’t let him touch him or treat him (he tells Watson he’s not a good enough doctor) or even get a specialist. There is only one person he wants to see, an amateur disease studier (I know there’s a real word for this, I just can’t think of it right now), who is a specialist in this disease. So Watson follows his instructions and goes to get the guy, who is creepy and seems pleased that Sherlock is asking for him. Watson goes back first and Sherlock has him hide behind the bed. When the guy comes in, Sherlock gets him to confess/gloat about how he made Sherlock get sick and also killed some other guy Sherlock had been investigating. That’s when Sherlock jumps up. He wasn’t dying after all, just starving himself to look sick, and he didn’t want Watson to come close because he wanted him to believe him sick so he would convince the bad guy to come, and knew he would figure it out if he got a close look. (So he wasn’t insulting Watson’s doctor skills, just his acting skills). Oh, and then the police come in and arrest the guy.

Sherlock Rating: 5 magnifying glasses! I loved the sick-faking and Watson insulting, even though it was pretty easy to guess, especially since we know Sherlock lives. This episode also featured many hints at Sherlock/Watson love (for those who think it fun to imagine such things) like how Sherlock doesn’t like women, and how he appeals to Watson’s love for him to get him to do what he wants. So this one was definitely a winner!

Mystery Story Convention: This was easy to pick: It’s the “Bad Guy confesses everything in a gloat to a captured/supposed dying hero.” Bad guys, why do you do that? I guess they want acknowledgment for their work, just like an honest person would, and the victim is the only person supposedly safe to get that acknowledgement from.