A Silly Story

Here’s a goofy little story to commemorate the start of my summer. I dedicate it to the kids who have gone on to the Big School (4-6 year-old building).

Once upon a time, in a school far, far away, the children were just settling down for their morning meeting. Suddenly, yellow smoke filled the room, and no one could see. A moment later the smoke cleared, and a witch stood in the middle of the room—at least the kids assumed she was a witch because she had a warty nose, black clothes, and of course, a pointed hat.

“I’m here to cause trouble!” she shouted. “Because everyone here is too kind and sweet.”

She danced in a circle and the kids all turned into cats and dogs.

“Now your parents will make you sleep outside!” she said.

“But my mom lets our kitty sleep in my bed,” one child, Natalie, said.

“Never mind that,” the witch snapped. “Since you’re animals now you don’t have any thumbs, so you can’t open doors or hold silverware or turn the lights on and off.”

“But opening doors and turning on the lights are teacher works,” Nathan said.

“And they never use their silverware at lunch anyway,” Michele, a teacher, added.

The witch’s face turned red. “Now I’ll really make you pay!”

She snapped all ten of her fingers and all of the teachers vanished. “Now you can’t do anything because the teachers aren’t here to help you!”

And she left in another cloud of smoke before Sienna could point out that they could do plenty of things without anyone’s help.

At first the kids weren’t too upset that the teachers were gone. They really enjoyed being cats and dogs, and they ran and played all over the school. Eventually, though, they started to miss those friendly, helpful ladies.

“We should try to find them!” Renée announced.

All the other kids agreed, but they didn’t know where to look, and most of them were afraid to try to leave the school without a grown-up.

Suddenly the front door opened, and three men in spandex entered. They were Batman, Spiderman, and Superman!

“We’ll help you find your teachers!” they said.

The kids cheered and licked the superheroes’ faces.

“There’s too many of you to carry,” Spiderman said. “We’ll have to find another way to travel.”

They all heard a loud whistle from the railroad tracks across the street.

“It’s Thomas!” Cora shouted from the window.

Thomas the Tank Engine agreed to give them all a ride, so they climbed aboard and started their quest.

Along the way, though, the superheroes had to leave to go fight some bad guys, so the kids had to continue on their own.

They’d gone a long way when Matilda screamed, “Stop!”

In front of them was a beautiful, fairy tale castle. Everyone rushed inside to find the princess. All they could find, though, was a tiny pony with a pink mane and tail. The pony, though, had heard about the missing teachers and told the kids they had to go through the dark forest to find them.

Even though they were scared, they went ahead anyway. Some of the kids thought they saw a ghost in the trees, and others thought they saw goblins. What they found, though, ended up being worse than any of that.

The witch was blocking the path, smiling. Before the children could get close to her, she clapped 3 and a half times and created a huge Tyrannosaurus Res that was hungry for some kids to eat—especially kids that looked like kitties and doggies.

The children were terrified at first, but then Tariku shouted, “We can stop him if we work together!”

They did start to work together, and they ran in circles around the t-rex’s feet. The t-rex couldn’t decide which delectable pet to try to eat, and he ended up getting dizzy and fell down. He bumped his head and didn’t get back up. The kids were cheering when Spiderman, Superman, and Batman swooped back in.

Batman put the witch in a headlock and Spiderman took her hat away with a squirt of his web, because everyone knows a witch’s power comes from her hat. The kids crowded around her and barked and meowed and scratched at her legs until she finally said, “Okay, okay, I’ll bring your teachers back.”

She spit on the ground and all of the teachers dropped down from the sky. Everyone cheered. “Could you please turn the children back into humans as well,” Tricia, a teacher, asked.

“All right,” the witch said.

“Awwww,” all the kids said.

Thomas took everyone back to school, and they arrived right before the first parent came to pick them up. All in all it was a wonderful adventure—and they all lived happily ever after. The end.