Reds vs. Brewers 6/15/13

Not a winner this time…

But it was still fun, and my peanut-allergic best friend didn’t die despite going to three Reds games in a row, so it’s kind of like a win!



Reds vs Nationals 4/6/13

Baseball season has started, so those of you uninterested in it will have to forgive these posts, but I like to put them up as a way to preserve the memory. And I like this blog to be about what I enjoy, and Reds baseball is near the top of the list.

This will have been my third game already this season, but we’ve been experimenting with different scoring apps, and this was the first time I received the results in a postable form.

Our record for games is 1-3, but the Reds are 4-6, so, Awesome! We’re off to a great season.

If only Jay Bruce wouldn’t keep letting me down…


My next game won’t be until 4-20 (which will be a busy Saturday, since I am also going to see Joel McHale!)

Reds vs. Astros 9/8/12

It’s not been long since I’ve been to a game, but it has been a while since I’ve filled out a scorecard. A lot of games lately I either got there a little late or moved around a lot or was tired and ended up leaving early. Last time I swore I’d do a scorecard because I’d missed it, so we got there early, and while Andrea caught her ball at batting practice (she really did get one!) I sat in the seats (in a safer place) and happily filled out the scorecard and got ready for the game. It was a really fun game, even though we didn’t win ice cream and pizza (for 11 strikeouts–we only had 7) we still won.

It seems, though, that all the games I go to last super long. Arroyo and our guys did a great job though. This season has been so exciting! And I’m splitting playoff/world series tickets! Let’s go Reds!

Game 4/16/11: Reds vs. Pirates

A lot of baseball-related posts lately. Probably because I’ve concentrated more on baseball and other things than working on my book. The rough draft is finished, and I’ve decided I need to let it sit for a while…

Had so much fun writing notes that I missed a walk in the 7th


  • Autographs! Bill Bray with his awesome socks, Matt Maloney, and Sam LeCure
  • Leake is pitching
  • Seat neighbors: 2 fellow season ticket holders, also fellow Ohio Northern University grads; some little kid behind us who’s eating a bag of peanuts the whole game (my roommate is allergic, and we forgot her eppipen); a really annoying guy down the row who makes umpire calls the whole game.
  • Freezing cold–this is becoming a pattern…
  • Great ballpark food
  • Best inning (sunwise): 3rd–two thirds sunny (downhill from there)
  • Best inning (gamewise): 5th–7 runs, 1 grand slam, 2 homeruns, bat through the order
  • Every starting Red gets a run
  • A little rain, but no rain delay
  • We win! I am 3 for 3 this season (Reds are 9-5)

Opening Night 2011: Reds v Brewers

Oops...I forgot to fill in part of it. Oh well!

Highlights from this totally awesome night!

  • Packing 2 bags of stuff, one stuffed with extra clothes so we wouldn’t be freezing again–it worked!
  • Getting a free Reds fleece blanket at the gate!
  • Slipping my way to the front of the meet and greet crowd before the game–I managed to get Mike Leake and Homer Bailey’s autographs! Andrea got Hernandez!
  • Harboring hope that when I am old I will be able to get everyone’s autograph–like the old bag I was standing next to. (There’s no hope that I will turn into a cute little boy like the ones in front of me that caused Jay Bruce and Joey Votto not even to look up at the ball I was holding out.)
  • Being this close to Jay and Joey and Janish and Hannigan and Hernandez and everyone else on the team!
  • Getting traditional hot dogs
  • Seats were nice–the people around us were nice, even the very loud guys behind us were mostly entertaining to listen to. Everyone at the ball park seemed super nice today!
  • All the employees were in these faux black tie/suit uniforms–snazzy!
  • Rusty Grizwolds, an 80s cover band did a pretty good job as performers for National Anthem and throughout game.
  • Where is Paul Janish? The starting shortstop should have at least been able to start the whole opening weekend!! (He could have done so much better than Renteria–0-4)
  • Yay! Ryan Hanigan gets to start, though it would have been nice to give Hernandez his extra kudos for his awesome home run on Opening Day.
  • We get an early 4-0 lead and Wood has a perfect first three innings!
  • Traditional Knuxy’s Knot pretzel
  • Having extra layers to put on when I start to get cold–by the end I look like a red marshmallow.
  • We win! We win! We win!
  • Fireworks! Pretty!

Excerpt: Gym Class

Today I wrote a scene in my new book about my main character, Lindsay, finally crossing paths and connecting (in a way) with the main supporting character, Jax. Like my other excerpt, this is rough and will most likely change–this one is particularly rough because I haven’t had a lot of time this weekend to work on this or anything else. I think it can stand alone fairly well, and I feel like sharing, so here you go.

**Excerpt from my (unnamed) new book**

We were walking outside to the field when I saw him. The guy who’d caught the ball that had been flying for my face on Monday was walking a few steps ahead of me, head down, shoulders slumped. The posture was what gave him away because the slightly too tight gym clothes were nothing like what he’d been wearing before.

That was the same guy I’d crashed into running out of school yesterday, and, I just realized, was also the same guy I’d bumped into again on my way out of Spriggy and Rocco’s apartment. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t put it together sooner, but I guess I’d been pretty distracted those other two times.

We ended up on different teams, and my team batted first.  I think if I hadn’t been feeling so paranoid to begin with I wouldn’t have noticed, but when I came up to bat, I saw that his eyes were riveted on me. For every other player, though, he’d been looking at the ground or the sky. I wanted to yell at him to stop staring, but instead I quickly struck out.

Back on the bench, I leaned toward the chubby girl, Sharon, I always seemed to be paired up with. “What’s the deal with that guy?”

The girl looked like she’d just swallowed one of those super-sour gummy worms. “That’s Jaxon Conley. He’s really creepy.”

“What do you mean?” I looked out at him, but he wasn’t staring anymore. He also wasn’t paying attention to the game. A ball one of my teammates hit fell on the ground right beside him.

“He’s just creepy–like serial killer creepy.”

“He doesn’t look like a killer,” I said. All I saw was a scrawny kid who looked rather mopey. If I wasn’t starting to think he was stalking me I would have felt a little sorry for him.

“They never do, but everyone thinks that someday he’ll come in the school with a gun and start blasting people away.”

I wasn’t able to ask her any more about him–even though I had tons of questions now–because we got our third out, and I had to take my position at the back of the field.

The rest of the time I spent on the bench Sharon told me all about how Jaxon never talked to anyone and never participated in school activities. He always kept to himself and never looked anyone in the eye.

When I asked her about where he lived and what his family was like, she didn’t have any answers. She, and apparently the rest of the school, had made a lot of assumptions about him without knowing any real facts. I knew what that was like, thanks to Kim, and I didn’t want to label him “future serial killer” immediately, but when my turn to bat came up, he started staring at me again. Instead of looking at the pitcher or the ball, I turned and looked directly back at him. The ball flew by, and Coach snapped, “Pay attention, Rosembaum,” but I’d accomplished what I’d wanted. Jaxon quickly looked down.

He seemed shy enough that I figured that would end the trouble. Sure enough, the rest of the class period he never looked up once. On our way inside, I purposely hurried to walk right behind him, and just sensing me there resulted in him taking a sharp right turn to get away. But he crashed into the jock that was about to pass us.

“Watch it, freak.” The jock shoved him away–into me.

I met Jaxon’s eyes and saw a flash of wide-eyed panic. Then he ran inside.

“Good hustle, Conley,” Coach called after him.