Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Illustrious Client

Summary: This book is the last of the collections of Sherlock stories, and it began with an intro by Sir Arthur, which I found more interesting than the first story. He said how Sherlock had been around way too long, and he felt depressed when some old guy came up to him and told him he loved reading the Sherlock stories when he was a kid. He hoped some other person would write about a detective more brilliant with a sidekick more stupid that would surpass him and he wished people recognized him for his serious work too.

Anyway, the story is about a guy who wants to keep his friend’s daughter from marrying a bad guy, and whoever this friend is, he’s really important and doesn’t want his name involved. The girl is brainwashed into loving this guy, and when Sherlock visits the man threatens him. A week later some guys beat Sherlock up. He’s hurt but not too badly, but he makes sure the press report that he’s on death’s door. Then he has Watson distract the bad guy while he sneaks in and steals the man’s love journal. The conquests listed are enough to convince the girl to dump him.

Sherlock Rating: 3 magnifying glasses–There really wasn’t a mystery, and the only way Sherlock was able to win was by stealing, so there wasn’t any real mystery to solve. Tricking Watson was the only thing that saved it.

Mystery Story Convention: The smart villain. The worst villains are always geniuses, but the good guys always seem to win in the end!


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