Sherlock Holmes: “The Adventure of the Red Circle”

Summary: A landlady asks Sherlock to help her figure out her renter, who paid a huge amount to rent the room and has never come out. Sherlock takes the case because it is interesting–purely as “education” for himself. He determines that the person living in the room is different than the one who originally rented it. When they spy on the door, they discover that a woman is living there. She is being communicated to through the “agony column” in the newspaper. It turns out she and her husband were on the run from a gang. Her husband managed to kill their pursuer just as Sherlock and the police closed in on them.

Sherlock Rating: 4.5 magnifying glasses. It was exciting and interesting. I really enjoyed this one.

Mystery Story Convention: Secret codes in the newspaper–I’d never heard of an “agony column” before. I guess it compares to Twitter today?


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