Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge (2)

Summary: Sherlock and Watson begin their investigation, though the local constable seems to have it well in hand–impressing even Sherlock with his methods. Sherlock hones in on the mansion of “Mr. Henderson.” Suspecting that his governess was the one who had sent the letter that had gotten the man killed. He believes she is being held captive. This turns out to be true, and Sherlock’s man saves her as Mr. Henderson tries to flee. It turns out that the local constable was on the same trail (for once), and the only thing of value Sherlock added to the investigation was that he was able to save the woman. The woman explains that Mr. Henderson was actually the Tiger of San Pedro, a former cruel leader of San Pedro who had had her husband and many others killed. There was a network of people plotting to get justice, and she and the murdered man were among them. Though the Tiger got away this time, he eventually is killed.

Sherlock Rating: This ended up being shorter than I expected. The chapter thing had thrown me off. So I give this mystery/adventure a 2.5. It was interesting, but Sherlock really didn’t have much to do. And they promised a rescue mission and then immediately took it away when the woman escapes on her own.

Mystery Story Convention: Foreign war criminal in hiding with a secret group trying to kill him. This is something that has come up before. I wonder if any of my neighbors are secret foreign war criminals…


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