Sherlock Holmes: His Last Bow (1)

Summary: Another longer story. Sherlock is bored so he takes a case from Mr. Eccles, who was visiting a new friend (Mr. Garcia, a Spaniard) overnight, but found that the man and his whole staff had disappeared in the morning. The police find Mr. Eccles to get a statement from him, since the man had been found murdered. Sherlock decides that Garcia had made friends with Eccles to get a reliable English alibi for something he wanted to do having to do with a woman. It clearly didn’t work out as planned. Now Sherlock is going to the location it happened.

Sherlock Rating: 3 bows, as in bowing in appreciation, not archery or hair ribbons, unless I’m reading the title of this thing wrong. Anyway, this is because it seemed to be a pretty good build up, though nothing too interesting or exciting happened.

Mystery Story Convention: The first suspect (almost) never is guilty. Unless they dismiss that first guy so quickly you forget about him, but I’m pretty sure in this case, this rule is followed.

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