Sherlock Holmes: The Valley of Fear (2:4)

Summary: A fellow lodge member who had also originated from out of town secretly warned McMurdo of the terrible nature of this lodge of Freemen. McMurdo told him he was weak but promised not to speak of their meeting to anyone, which is good, because the Bodymaster comes to question him soon after. McMurdo quickly satisfies his concerns and promises not to associate too much with the man. As the interview finishes up, the police come to arrest McMurdo for his part in the beating of that newspaper editor. They go to trial, but the case is quickly thrown out because the Bodymaster and fellow lodge members give them all alibis, and there is no real evidence against them.

Mystery/Western Story Conventions: (I skipped the Sherlock rating–I’ll just rate this thing as a whole when it’s done–spoiler alert: it won’t be a very high score) So this convention is the trial that is a farce–no one really expected anyone to be convicted. They know the system is corrupt, but the good guys are going through the motions to try to make a point.

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