Sherlock Holmes: The Valley of Fear (2:1-2)

Summary: We meet John McMurdo, a freeman on the run from Chicago, who is settling in a rough, mining town. He takes up in a boarding house and flirts with the owner’s daughter until the owner finds out he’s freeman, which is like a gang there. Then McMurdo meets the freeman bodymaster and we learn McMurdo was a counterfeiter and murderer, which the bodymaster is very interested in.

Sherlock Rating: 2 monacles, I guess? There isn’t a mystery here, or Sherlock. It’s like that first story, “A Study in Scarlett,” which I don’t know why he returned to this format, since it was pretty boring. Hopefully Moriarty will at least turn up somehow.

Mystery Story Convention: N/A, as it is not a mystery and more of a western–the convention there is, stranger comes to town and stirs up trouble…


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