Sherlock Holmes: “The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist”

Summary: A young lady comes to Sherlock to help figure out why this guy has been following her as she rides home on her bike each week. She’s pretty, so at first they just feel it’s a shy admirer, but when she ends up terminating her employment because they old guy she was working for proposed to her, Sherlock feels it necessary to make sure she gets home okay. That’s when she’s kidnapped and almost forced into marriage with some guy to get an inheritance she didn’t know she was getting. Apparently these two guys–the old guy and the forced marriage guy–met an old uncle of hers who was rich but hadn’t talked to his family in years. The two guys came back and told her the uncle was dead and had been penniless but had sent them to take care of her if she needed help–they’d already planned to have one marry her and then split the inheritance when the guy actually did die. But the old guy actually did fall in love with her and wanted to back out, so the other guy got a new friend, a defrocked clergyman, to help him instead. Luckily Sherlock and Watson stop the plot in time.

Sherlock Rating: 3.5 magnifying glasses. I definitely thing old Sir Conan Doyle has his act together with these later stories. Even the ones where there’s no actual crime move quickly and are interesting and exciting. This one was good, but I left room for improvement.

Mystery Story Convention: The long-lost rich uncle inheritance–if there were as many rich uncles in real life as there are in these stories we’d all be getting a huge inheritance…so where’s mine?

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