Sherlock Holmes: “The Adventure of the Six Napoleons”

Summary: A burglar has been breaking into stores and people’s houses breaking busts of Napoleons. The police think it’s a crazy guy who really hates Napoleon, but Sherlock knows better. After someone is found murdered at one of the scenes the case becomes more serious. Sherlock continues to investigate the busts, while the police concentrate on figuring out who the murdered man was. Sherlock determines that the man was destroying the busts to find a stolen item he had hidden inside them before. They catch him at the next-to-the-last one, and Sherlock buys the last bust from its owner and produces a stolen pearl.

Sherlock Rating: 4 magnifying glasses. It was interesting, and I liked that we got to experience every step of the investigation. The 4 rating is just because the stakes weren’t as high for the characters as in some.

Mystery Story Convention: Stolen treasure hidden inside an item–Sherlock calls this a unique mystery, but it was pretty obvious what the deal was once we learned identical, cheap busts were being destroyed.


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