Sherlock Holmes: “The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter”

Summary: Sherlock gets a mysterious telegram and an even more confusing guest. A football (soccer) captain, speaking entirely in old football jargon that I couldn’t even figure out what sport he was talking about until they started saying “football,” is missing his star player (their “three-quarter”). Sherlock traces him to a small town with very tricky doctor. Holmes says if this doctor was so inclined he could be the next Moriarty. Luckily for them, the doctor just doesn’t want a scandal exposed and doesn’t trust Sherlock to be discrete. Sherlock uses a dog to track them to the soccer player’s hideout. Apparently, he’d married beneath his station and his wife was ill. When Sherlock and Watson arrive, the wife is dead, but Sherlock promises not to expose them. (though Watson eventually wrote and published this account, but I guess the statute of limitations ran out).

Sherlock Rating: 3 magnifying glasses. It would have been lower, since there was no crime, but the doctor was sinister enough despite being ultimately good to make it interesting.

Mystery Story Convention: Inheritance-risking scandal. It seems like everyone in these stories has an inheritance at stake. It would be nice if gobs of money were coming to me instead, as I have relatively little (to none) scandal in my life…


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