The Point of this Blog

I really need to update my “about” section. And possibly even the title. I’ve come to realize that the things I enjoy blogging about the most are basically record-keeping. (See, there is a theme to all these posts–it’s just a personal theme).

I’ve been keeping track of the classic books I’ve been reading, keeping track of (most) of the Reds games I’ve been to, and keeping track of my writing progress. So it’s kind of like a journal (but I refuse to think of it as one because I’ve never enjoyed journaling).

Thank you to those who follow me. I hope that you are getting something out of my cataloging. I’ve learned that if I’m not getting something out of writing posts, then I won’t write any. (And why waste my time putting up crap that I don’t get anything out of in the first place?). So, apparently these posts are primarily for me, because I am apparently extremely selfish. Secondarily, though, I’m glad that some of you out there do get something out of it and seem to enjoy it. I plan on keeping it up as long as I’m still enjoying it!


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