Sherlock Holmes: “The Adventure of the Empty House”

Summary: Sherlock Holmes is back from the dead! This is the first story after his death that is “new” and not a Watson retrospective. Sherlock comes out of disguise three years later to stop Moriarty’s second in command. Sherlock had dodged Moriarty as he tried to force him off the cliff, but decided to fake his death in order to stop the other bad guys in M’s crew. Unfortunately, the only people who knew Sherlock was alive was M’s crew because one was there throwing rocks at him. This same guy tries to kill Sherlock in his own Baker Street house, but Sherlock tricks him and waits in the same empty house the guy tries to sniper-shoot Sherlock from. Watson helps Sherlock stop him, and they are back to business as usual. Oh, and Watson’s wife has apparently died, so now Sherlock and Watson can finally be together! Take that, DOMA!

Sherlock Rating: 5 magnifying glasses. Returning from the dead should be an automatic 5. And it was exciting.

Mystery Story Convention: The hero never dies (even if the author really, really wanted him to) If the hero in some mystery series does die, it is a mistake, but the fan fiction writers will resurrect him/her.


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