Writing Progress (A Smidge)

A quick update on last week’s post. I did some work on the big revision, and I think I only did it because I wrote last week’s post about trying to do something. I didn’t want to wimp out on you guys. And I’m pretty impressed with what I accomplished, even though it wasn’t a whole lot.

I made a new outline of what I wanted to change, and it’s doable. There are even some things I’ll probably get to keep, and I might get to put back in a scene I loved but immediately after writing the first time knew I had to take out! (Chances are I’ll still have to take it out eventually, but I at least have hope now.)

So this week I’ll be back to typing, but at least I have some hope now, and I think my work will be on an upswing (hopefully).


2 thoughts on “Writing Progress (A Smidge)

  1. Josh Abbott says:

    I find that even the slightest bit of progress can feel good, and help one establish momentum. Good luck!

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