Sherlock Holmes: “The Adventure of Black Peter”

Summary: Black Peter was a former whaling ship captain who ends up murdered by harpoon. He was a bad man and no one was sad he was dead, still there was a mystery to be solved, and Sherlock was ready to figure it out. He has a police inspector, Stanley Hopkins, who wants to learn his method, but he has a long way to go. He accuses some skinny kid who was trying to break in to get some papers that had belonged to his father, but Sherlock knew better. It turns out to be a former sailor on Black Peter’s boat, who knew he got some money in some underhanded way and wanted his share.

Sherlock Rating: 3 magnifying glasses. I almost gave it a higher rating because there was a real murder and the bad guy got caught in an exciting way, but then I remembered that this murderer just kind of appeared out of nowhere, and I prefer to be able to try to figure it out along with Sherlock, but how can I do that when we don’t get any suspects?

Mystery Story Convention: Stakeout, Disguises–We get a classic stakeout, though this turns up the false bad guy, and we see Sherlock running around as “Captain Basil” (I got a kick out of that because of The Great Mouse Detective where the Sherlock mouse is Basil of Baker St.).


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