Sherlock Holmes: “The Adventure of the Abbey Grange”

Summary: A man comes to Sherlock to help solving a murder. Some rich guy is dead, apparently by robbers who broke in and tied his wife up. Sherlock almost dismisses it as a boring case, but then he realizes there’s more to it. The marriage had been a very unhappy one. The woman had come over from Australia and married the first rich guy who paid attention to her, but he was a drinker and abusive. A sailor on the boat had fallen in love with her, though, and he’d seen the husband hit her, so he came in and killed him. They rigged the scene so it looked like a robbery. Sherlock was just happy to have solved the mystery, so he didn’t report the truth to the authorities. He said if they couldn’t figure it out for themselves then oh well.

Sherlock Rating: 3.5 magnifying glasses–it was an interesting case, and this time I don’t fault Sherlock for letting the guy go. On TV that never gets to happen because the investigators usually are the authorities and don’t have a choice. I liked how it played out, but the rating is lower because there wasn’t a lot of excitement to it. (I guess “The Hound” has given me high expectations).

Mystery Story Convention: The wife did it. Well, technically she didn’t, but she was involved. Anytime a spouse is murdered we are told to suspect the significant other because most of the time they are responsible. The police didn’t this time, but Sherlock knew better.


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