Sherlock Holmes: “The Hound of the Baskervilles” (11-12)

Summary: Watson visits L.L. and finds that she is not a Superman villain or love interest…Okay, serious now. She tells him that the old Baskerville had been helping her out. She wanted to divorce her jerk husband and he was giving her some cash. She had made a secret appointment to meet the night he was killed but never went. Oh, and Stapleton was also helping her out.

Then Watson tracks down the mysterious man he kept seeing–and it turns out to be Holmes, who hadn’t stayed behind to work on a case after all. Watson feels used, but Sherlock manages to soothe his hurt feelings in a way only Sherlock can console Watson, by both praising him for his work and one-upping him at the same time. Sherlock reveals that Stapleton is actually married to “Miss” Stapleton and that he is the killer–they just have to trap him while keeping Sir Henry safe.

Except Watson had been away all day, not watching Sir Henry. Then there’s a terrible scream and they see a body that had fallen off a cliff that looked like Sir Henry! But it’s just that convict wearing some of S.H.’s old clothes. A few moments after the discovery Stapleton himself shows. Sherlock and Stapleton exchange some lies, and it is clear the final hunt is on.

Sherlock Rating: 5 pawprints. This was a very exciting and rewarding section. The L.L. interview made me positive of my suspicion that Stapleton is the bad guy, and I guessed that it would be convict dead before Sherlock and Watson realized it. You can check my notes–I have a big checkmark next to (murderer) where I mention the dead body. It’s always satisfying to guess right in a mystery. And then the little quasi-confrontation with Stapleton made it even better. Can’t wait for next section–it will very likely be the end!

Mystery Story Convention: Murder victim mistaken identity. If you find yourself in a murder mystery, never share clothes with someone. You might end up the victim just for wearing the wrong thing!

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