Sherlock Holmes: “The Hound of the Baskervilles” (9-10)

Summary: After some more regular old investigating, Watson and Henry Baskerville have a stakeout to figure out what Barrymore is up to and learn that Barrymore’s wife’s brother is the escaped murderer and they’ve been feeding him. Watson and Henry try to catch the guy, but he gets away, though Watson sees some other mysterious guy on the moor. Also, Stapleton yells at Henry for trying to date his sister, though they kind of make up. Then Barrymore tells them to let the murder alone until he gets away–he won’t hurt anyone there, and the Barrymores don’t want to get in trouble; in exchange he tells them the old Baskerville had been out to meet a mysterious woman, L.L. the night he was killed. Watson figures out that this was probably Laura Lyons, a lady with a questionable reputation from the next town over.

Sherlock Rating: 4 pawprints. (I feel like I’ve been forgetting to call them pawprints…but they are still supposed to be pawprints, so pretend like any past mistakes were right–and I don’t feel like going back to check and fix them either) Anyway, 4 because there were some exciting bits for sure. I feel like Stapleton just pretended to make up with Baskerville so he can get a better opportunity to sick his big dog on him–he’s still my number one suspect. And this L.L. clue is promising. The Superman creator must have been a fan of this story, since all significant Superman characters have L.L. initials. (Except Clark, of course)

Mystery Story Convention: The stake-out–nothing like staying up and sitting around waiting for something exciting to happen. Luckily in a story we can skip to the good parts and block out the boring stuff.


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