Reds vs. Brewers 5-11-13 Scorecard and May Festival Chorus

It was a sweep weekend for the Reds! I was at the game Saturday, but I had to leave early to go to the May Festival Chorus. I changed my shirt and shoes, but still had on jeans with my high, red baseball socks under them. Needless to say I was not the target audience for this thing (old snooty people). But it was still an excellent performance. I learned that french horns barely play at all in the orchestra (or this particular composer didn’t like them), yet there were still at least five of them. And I learned that tubas have mutes and they look like giant chocolate cupcakes. Also, subtitles that are above what you’re looking at are called “supertitles.” So much learning.

So anyway, here’s the scorecard of the amount of game I saw. The Reds kept their lead and ultimately won 13-7.

5-11-13 Scorcard


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