Sherlock Holmes: “The Hound of the Baskervilles” (7-8)

Summary: First, Watson meets the Stapletons–a brother and sister who live deep in the moore. The brother claims to know the Moore so well that he can even navigate the dangerous bog where ponies go to die–well, they don’t want to die, but they go there and fall in and die. Poor ponies. The sister seems intimidated by her brother and tries to communicate with Watson without his knowledge. Suspicious. And then the next chapters are in the form of letters Watson sent back to Holmes. He says how suspicious Mr. Barrymore, the main servant guy is. That he seems to make stoic Mrs. Barrymore cry in the night and that he sneaks around in empty parts of the house. And Henry Baskerville likes Miss Stapleton, but the brother doesn’t seem to favor this at all.

Sherlock Rating: 3 pawprints. Nothing too exciting here, but suspects are created and made more suspect-y. (I guess suspicious would be the real word to use).

Mystery Story Convention: Suspects doing suspicious things. Do all people act so suspicious as a person named as a suspect? Because when there’s a mystery to be investigated, suspects, whether they’re ultimately involved at all or not, choose to do things that make them look super guilty.

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