Following Trends and Slowing Down

Have you ever noticed that when you have a problem or concern nagging at you that it seems like everyone else is talking about them? Or is it just me?

Like how I had this feeling that my book idea is on par with some current trends, and I felt like I had to rush to get this done so it wouldn’t look to agents like “oh, another alien story–pass.” And then I see all these blogs and articles saying not to rush when editing, not to worry about markets or trends when writing and editing, and to give your work time to breathe. And I’ve heard this before, but this time reading them it’s like they’re speaking to me! So I have slowed down, and I’m going to keep telling myself not to worry, my book will be awesome and will stand out no matter what the markets are doing.

And now that I’ve decided this, I can concentrate on all the other articles that are speaking specifically to me, like making a strong plot, fleshed out characters, descriptions, and ack, research…so, basically what every writer needs to work on.

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