Sherlock Holmes: “The Hound of the Baskervilles” (5-6)

Summary: Sherlock has three ideas going in town, but all turn up dead ends. Another of Henry’s boots goes missing, but the first turns up. They decide that Watson should go to Baskerville manor with Henry and send reports back to Sherlock because Sherlock is very busy with other important cases. Then they go, and on the way they learn of an escaped murderer loose on the moor: Selden, the Notting Hill Murderer. At the manor, the two old servants inform Henry they’d like to leave his service as soon as possible, and Watson hears mysterious crying in the middle of the night.


Sherlock Rating: Two pawprints. Nothing much happened. The mention of the murderer got my interest again as it began to fade with the travel description in the second chapter. The house is also plenty spooky, so that makes a nice atmosphere for the mystery, and the missing boot thing intrigues me. Otherwise, a couple of blah chapters. Oh, and the only real reason Sherlock isn’t coming himself is because he would have solved the mystery within the first day, and that would have been boring, so we need Watson to muddle around there for a while first, getting everything wrong.

Mystery Story Convention: A spooky old house. Nothing says “mystery” like a spooky old house.


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