An Update on My Big New Idea

I mentioned a while back that I had an idea on what to do with some of my old manuscripts. Well, I’m still working on that, and I’m now in the middle of a web design class. Right now I can do just about nothing web design-wise, but I’m hoping this will put me in the right direction for my plan.

This is the best way to go back to school. It’s an online class, so I can do the work whenever I feel like it, the lessons are very easy and very well-written out by the instructor. There’s even a class discussion board that people actually use. And there are quizzes, but the scores are just for my own enrichment and I can go back and retake it if I miss any (which I haven’t yet). What makes any class or learning activity great is that I’m enjoying it and interested in it, and even though it’s easy, I’m learning something new. (Seriously, the hardest part is making my hands get used to typing tags–they never push the right keys!) So two thumbs up!

Hopefully when this class ends I will be well on my way to bringing this idea to life.


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