The Things I Screw Up (Writing)

I have faults. Many, I’m sure. Sometimes I dwell on my own perceived faults for too long. This post isn’t about how I’d rather eat four or five cupcakes instead of do anything like exercise, though. (I do like running, once I’ve started, just not enough to do it as often or as long or in all kinds of weather as I suppose I should). This is going to be about mistakes I make in my writing, since I am in the process of editing, and that’s something I’ve been thinking about more often lately.

I’ve written posts before: I’m a lazy researcher. I think a lot of writers have this problem. I am not one who willingly goes off to other countries for research. I don’t even like calling people up. I look things up on the internet as I go and make notes, much of which I never look at again. (For my current space/alien book I’ve tried to fix this by reading a lot of science/physics/space/technology books. Hope it’s helped). I know I could still do better.

Another problem I have is with description. I am not a writer who goes crazy with description. I get tired of describing rooms and people. I just want to tell what happened. So I have to make conscious notes to go back and add description. Like I literally have notes that say: “Describe so-and-so here.” I will probably never be a literary novelist. It’s probably a good thing that I write YA, but I still need to do as good a job as I can.

And the usual things one has to look out for, repeated phrases, lazy language and cliches. I also get distracted easily, so may forget things (which is why I have running notes to reference). I am actually pretty scattered and distracted right now, so this post will end here. Hope you all can conquer your writing troubles! Good luck!


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