Writing Milestone! (And My Editing Process)

This post is a little late in coming, since my last couple weekends–when I tend to pre-write posts–have been extremely busy (fun though). But back on March 29 I finally finished my new book’s rough (extremely rough) draft! Even though I still have a ton of work to do, it still feels incredible to get to this point. Probably from this point on I know exactly what I’m working on. I know exactly how it ends and everything that got them there. Even if all of that changes in revisions, I still have that very clear road map to work with.

I don’t mind doing the revisions, but I also always like to work with a plan. I can definitely see how people who love to write blindly ahead, letting just their writing of the moment take them wherever, can get to the end of their rough draft and falter. Revisions are still writing, but if you hate having everything planned out for you, they aren’t very fun because basically everything is planned out for you.

The writing part of it, for me, is very special because I am essentially creating from nothing, and I love doing that. Editing still is fun for me, in another way, because I get to play with the words and shape what I’ve roughly made, honing it into something that is more beautiful and satisfying than its rough beginnings.

I’m guessing the editing will probably take me at least through the summer, depending on how much of a break I’ll need from it to get some distance and a better eye. (Hopefully that won’t need to be too long, because I’d really like to get this submitted closer to the front of the upcoming alien/sci-fi trend rather than the end).

This is what I’ll be doing (my editing process):

  • Right now I’m typing it up because when I write I do it in notebooks rather than the computer
  • Then I’ll print it all out and mark it all up with a pencil, making lots of pages of notes of things I want to go back (or forward) and change
  • I’ll go through it at least 2 or 3 times until I feel satisfied and all of my notes have been dealt with
  • Then I type the changes into the computer
  • Read it through on the computer several times for typos and other things (hopefully by now these are smaller issues)
  • Read it aloud and perfect it
  • Send it to others to look at for feedback
  • While it’s out I’ll start a new project and work on the submission stuff (query letter, elevator pitch, synopsis(es), etc)
  • Make any changes from my feedback
  • Read through one more time and start submitting

So yes, I still have a lot of work to do.



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