Sherlock Holmes: “The Naval Treaty”

Summary: An old friend of Watson’s, Percy, asks him to bring Sherlock to help him find some stolen government documents. Percy had taken ill as soon as they went missing and had been in bed at his fiance’s place, being nursed by her and her brother. Sherlock pieced together that the brother, who had lots of gambling debt, had come into the Percy’s workplace while he was out finding coffee and had seen the documents. He stole them and ran home and hid them under his bed, and when Percy came in sick, had to give up his room and his access to the documents, so he was unable to sell them. Sherlock guessed the culprit and tricked him into thinking they were leaving town, then stayed behind on a stakeout. When the brother came to get the papers, Sherlock fought him off and got the papers. He let the man get away, but wired the police. Though apparently letting him get away may have been better for the government, so they can pretend the theft never happened.

Sherlock Rating: 5 magnifying glasses! This one was definitely a fun one, and satisfying all-around. There was a pretty good mystery with some high stakes, there was action and confrontation (even if it was related 2nd-hand (3rd-hand if you count that Watson is technically relating to us what Sherlock related to him)), and though the bad guy did get away, it was okay because Percy got his papers back and probably won’t get in trouble.

Mystery Story Convention: The stakeout–waiting in an uncomfortable position for the bad guy to show himself is always a good thing to have in a mystery, at least I suppose it is, since it pops up a lot–and secret papers, and bad guys with a gambling debt.


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