Sherlock Holmes: “The Greek Interpreter”

Summary: We meet Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, who is not a member of Parliament as I have been led to believe. He is a lazy ass with just as quick a mind as Sherlock (Sherlock believes he is even better at deduction) but he has no energy to see any cases he gets through and just gives them to Sherlock. This one is about a guy who speaks Greek who is kidnapped to interpret for some guys who are trying to get some Greek guy to sign over his property to his sister, who has fallen in with these thugs (but she doesn’t know they’ve captured him). Sherlock and Mycroft figure out where the house is, but they are too late. The thugs and girl are gone, and the brother is dead, though they do manage to save the interpreter, who was captured again.

Sherlock Rating: 4 magnifying glasses. The only reason it doesn’t get 5 is because the bad guys get away again, though we are told they turn up later, dead with stab wounds, and Sherlock believes the girl did it. It was very exciting, and for some reason I’ve always loved books that involve being captured. (I’m not into S&M or anything–I just read too much Nancy Drew at a young age I think)

Mystery Story Convention: Getting captured by the bad guys for a final confrontation–it would have been even better if Sherlock or Watson had been captured, for drama reasons. I love when the stakes are high and the villain gets the upper hand!

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