Sherlock Holmes: “The Resident Patient”

First, today is my birthday! Yay! I love birthdays! (And a great birthday to me is that I very well could finish my rough draft of my current WIP this birthday week) Anyway, there is a good chance there won’t be a Wednesday post this week because I’m not working on my birthday (when I pre-write posts–this is pre-written from Thursday). That is all.

Summary: Holmes and Watson investigate a case brought by Dr. Percy about a mysterious man who invested in his practice, then freaked out when some Russians came in. When Sherlock came to talk to the investor, the guy refused to tell Sherlock the truth so he left him. The next day he was found hanged. Except it was murder, not suicide. Turns out the supposed Russians, the doctor’s new page, and the investor were all bank robbers, and the investor had turned the rest in–so they’d come back to get revenge. The bad guys all got away, except the page, who they couldn’t convict because of lack of evidence.

Sherlock Rating: Four out of five magnifying glasses. Sooo close! It had everything it needed to be great–a mystery, a murder, clues only Sherlock could see. And then they guys get away. What it needs is for there to be a confrontation with the villains. Sure this was probably more realistic, but I want drama, not realism!

Mystery Story Convention: I forgot to mention above that Sherlock referenced Dupin and his mind reading trick. So this story gives props to its predecessor. This one once again has to do with secret pasts. You can never escape your old crimes!


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