Every Reader’s Dream: The Ultimate Multiverse

I just finished the book, The Hidden Reality by Brian Greene, which is about all the possible multiverses science has theoretically discovered. It was very fascinating and taught me all kinds of things, yet my favorite multiverse was the one he says at the end is the only one he cannot believe in because it is impossible to prove. (And to prove something in the science world you do tests that would disprove your theory and when they continuously don’t disprove it you can be a little more convinced that your theory might be true.)

This theory is the Ultimate Multiverse. Basically, it states that every possible universe really exists. That means there’s a universe made entirely of chocolate, one with no math, one of nothing, and one that is anything you can think of. Yes, even that…and that. The science reasoning behind it has to do with the question of “why is our universe special–why do we exist in this universe and not some other one” And it’s answer is, we’re not special, we’re just one of every possibility. And there’s no way to prove it, because there’s no way to do an experiment that would disprove it when every option is possible.

So, moving on and away from all the science stuff, what does this mean? Well, to me, an avid reader and imaginer, this means that every story I’ve every read or written or even imagined actually exists somewhere! The characters I love are really out there. Their worlds are probably terrible, considering books tend to make things dramatic as possible. (For example, Katniss’ world from The Hunger Games is real) But still, those favorite characters and worlds may really be out there, according to science (but not really–remember it was the one multiverse he couldn’t back), and that is a really cool thought.


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