Persuasion by Jane Austen–Chapters 11-15

Things got a little more interesting this week. It starts when, for some reason I didn’t quite understand, all the young people (Anne, Mary, Mary’s husband, Frederick and his 2 girlfriends, Louisa and someone else) decide to go to Lyme, mostly because Frederick had gone and said it was nice, I guess? It sounds like a fun place–sea side, with friendly people who don’t mind this party of 6 imposing. Anne even has fun–she meets Cap. Benwick, a melancholy guy who reads too much mopey poetry, so she introduces him to some mopey prose. And they run into Mr. Elliot (Anne’s cousin, not father) who seems to have eyes for Anne.

Then Louisa (who Frederick is most sweet on) goofs around a bit and ends up getting very hurt. I’m not sure how falling down gets her bedridden for months, but whatever. Anne’s sound mind gets them through the crisis. There’s a line about how all qualities have their limits, and maybe Anne could persuade Frederick that being too strong minded is just as bad as being too easily influenced.

But she doesn’t try to persuade him. Instead she goes to stay with Lady Russell for a while, and then she finally goes to Bath with the rest of her family. Her sister and father seem to be doing great. They exaggerate how popular they are there and how happy. The main source of their happiness is Mr. Elliot, who has been stopping by a lot, finally showing interest in their family. I really hope Anne doesn’t end up with him because he’s her cousin, yuck. I know that was more of a common thing then, maybe, but still.

I’m actually not quite sure where this book is headed. I don’t know which guy Anne will end up with, though I assume it will be Fred, Benwick, or Elliot. I don’t really have a favorite for her at the moment, either. I guess we’ll have to see what happens in the next 5 chapters.


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