Why YA Books Are the Most Important Books (Part 2 of 2)

Last time I discussed why teens/young adults are the most important people on the planet (we all know they believe this, but it seems that they are right). To read my reasons scroll back or click here. So now I will talk about the repercussions.

Older adults have a love-hate relationship with this idea. Many older adults spend their money trying to recapture their youth (almost always unsuccessfully). We don’t look good in teen clothes. Makeup can only hide wrinkles for so long. And it’s just weird and gross seeing middle-aged women swooning in public over boy bands (and older men swooning over young models). Those who don’t do these things are usually labeled as “boring.” You may be mature and responsible, but you aren’t having any fun.

As an aside, at least half and maybe more of the readers of YA are adults, it seems. Why do so many adults want to read about teens? Well, 1, because YA books are usually interesting, fast-moving, with interesting characters and plots. Also, though, they read them because yet again, they are trying to experience that feeling of youth once more. (And if you have a good imagination, you can be successful at this! At least for a the amount of time you’re reading. And you won’t look like an idiot doing it. You’ll look smart! (Depending on the book cover, but that’s why they invented e-readers)

Once that time of our life is gone, we tend to resent it. We feel like we’re missing out. Like we’re too big to play in the ball pit or jump in the bouncy house. So those who don’t vainly try to recapture their youth often belittle it. They claim that it lacks substance and is lesser than anything meant for those mature, boring adults like them. I’m not saying there’s not a lot of great literature and activities and media out there for adults, because there it, but it rarely reaches the popularity and therefore realm of influence that young adult materials can have. This is what I think about when I read about another article saying how trite and mediocre this “YA fad” is. Whether the article’s author realizes it or not he (or she) is jealous.

YA books are the most important books because they are written for and about the most important people. Quality doesn’t really matter, though most of the YA books I read are excellent quality. What matters is that young people like them, and it is young people who have the most influence in our world.

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