Am I “Mars One” Astronaut Material?

I just learned about this amazing plan by a Dutch entrepreneur to send a team on a one-way trip to start a colony on Mars. I will say right now that as much as I’d like to go to space, I don’t want to leave Earth forever. But I will definitely follow this mission, and the geniuses behind it are making that simple to do.

Here’s the idea (and you can learn about it first-hand here:

This year the team will select its Astronauts. Video applications will be available for everyone to view online. Then it becomes a reality show that I am actually interested to watch–viewers of the world will get to select the astronauts they want to represent their country. Then we will get to see them train and prepare.

So, what makes you astronaut material? The website has a list in its FAQ section and there’s nothing like “a PhD in astrophysics” or anything quite like that, but they do want you to be pretty-near perfect. You have to be able to get along with people, problem solve, trust other people to do their jobs, be adaptable, etc. I’m pretty sure you also will need some special edge to help you stand out from the crowd of thousands who you will be up against.

Which has made me think, what do I have that would make me stand out if I decided to try to run off to Mars? What is my special skill? I am definitely creative, and I’m pretty adaptable while at the same time being organized and a planner. In a lot of ways my right and left brain are balanced. Someone one Twitter thought the team definitely needed a writer–and they do. They at least need some way to keep all of their progress and achievements recorded, but I have a feeling, given the nature of the selection process, this will be more in video form than written.

If I were to apply, though, I’d have to think of a lot of specific examples of ways I’ve used my strengths that make me particularly qualified for the mission. I think just to apply successfully you’d have to be a pretty good writer–or just amazingly qualified by your overall awesomeness.

What do you think? Do you have what it takes to be a Mars One Astronaut? (Whether or not you’d want to actually do it).

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