The Meaning of Life: A Vision for a Happier Me

Here is my current position on life and where I’d like to be in mine:

  • Enjoying my life is key, so I need to get back to doing more of that and less time working
  • I enjoy my job, but I never wanted a job that required a lot of outside of the office time (like homework) yet here I am, spending a good portion of all of my Saturdays (and sometimes Sundays) working. So I’m cutting back on that.
  • This blog is important–I think it helps me sort out my ideas, but I’m paring back to about 3 posts a week
  • I’m going to stay serious about my books and push myself to be as professional as possible about them, from research to trying to publish
  • I’m not giving up on my mystery…but I need to do some revisions
  • Stay dedicated with my writing time
  • Make small steps to be healthier–when I’m healthy and fit I feel better, and I haven’t been feeling good lately

These are not “resolutions.” And if you think they are, fine, but I’m telling myself they’re not. They are a vision of how I want to be.

In some ways these are selfish, and I get that–there’s nothing about spending more time serving others, giving more time/money to others, etc. But I think to be my best self, this is something I need to concentrate on right now. If, in the future, I look at myself and think that I’ve turned incredibly self-centered and intolerable, then I will make a new vision. But I think this vision is a good place to start.


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