War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 360-366?

So apparently either my version of the book is divided up differently, or, more likely, I screwed up counting somewhere by a lot. I don’t feel like going back through my notes or archives to find my mistake (if anyone else does, feel free–let me know which post(s) were misnumbered and I will fix it). So I’ll just keep counting up and see where I get. But since I am now in Epilogue 2, I have to be almost done now. I could know for sure if I looked at the table of contents, but since mine is on my Nook, that’s an extra step I also don’t feel like taking. Sometimes it’s nice to be surprised. Maybe this week I’ll finish…

So Epilogue 2 is pretty boring. The only good part was Tolstoy’s sarcastic historical overview of Napoleon’s life. It sounded about how I would have written it. He pretty much thinks historians don’t really know what they’re talking about–that no one really knows the real reasons for why things happen like wars, and he goes on and on about it. Sections like this are probably why the book is famous, though. And it’s probably where people get quotes from. Not the interesting story bits. I wonder what Tolstoy was hoping to accomplish with this book. Is he offering his own explanation for this history. Can history only be told through the individuals who take part in it?

Not sure. But I’m not reading this for a lit class, so I don’t have to try to figure it out if I don’t want to.


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