War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 346-359

Sorry about my lapse in posting. I’m afraid this is all I’m likely to get out until next week also, due to vacation catching up and arranging priorities. But, this is exciting because I think I might finish the book next week! (My chapter count seems to be a little off, but in my book they start over at each book, so I’m not positive about my grand total.)

Anyway, I got into the 1st Epilogue over the past two weeks, yay!

I have no idea why it’s the “Epilogue” and not just another section of the book because there’s more about the characters’ lives here than there was in the rest. But I guess it’s more about how they’re all settling down and finishing their lives rather than how they are acting in the war, which has really ended. And there was a jump forward in time.

Natasha and Pierre are married, and Natasha has let herself go. She’s all wife/mother now and dedicates her life to that, so she’s not too neat on her own upkeep and doesn’t do all that society stuff anymore. And she has Pierre on a tight leash and is an even bigger mess when he’s not around. But he likes to serve her and he seems very happy as well.

Nick and Mary also marry, and Nick is a completely different person now. He took on all his father’s debts and became a dedicated farmer–farming is his passion. He’s a lot more like Andrew now than the kid we first met at the beginning. (I knew he’d mature!). I kind of like him. Though Andrew’s kid likes Pierre more than he likes Nick, who is acting as his father.

So things seem to be wrapping up happily now. And hopefully next week will be “The End”!


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