Santa Claus is Coming! Sometime…

I just read an interesting forum from Sciforums on debunking Santa Claus. I don’t approve of debunking Santa Claus. I love Christmas, and I believe in Santa, just like I believe my stuffed animals have feelings. I’m a fiction writer–I have to believe things, right?

But I remembered hearing an explanation that Santa has to fly at super speeds just to deliver these presents–like close to the speed of light. Which would mean from our perspective standing “still,” he’s moving tremendously fast and also accelerating through time, right? He’s going to miss Christmas Eve!

But, what if, from Santa’s perspective he’s sitting still and the world is moving rapidly around him? So the Earth’s time would be crawling along, and Santa could have plenty of time to get everything done.

Both couldn’t be true, though. My book (Why Does E=mc2? (and why should we care?) by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw) tells me the answer is that as soon as Santa would change direction Santa could no longer claim to be standing still and this effect would be canceled out, so near-speed-of-light would not work.

But Santa can still do it–whether he’s jumping through worm holes or using the “Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics” (which I have not gotten to yet) or folding spacetime like in A Wrinkle in Time,

For those who celebrate Christmas, Santa Claus is coming! Merry Christmas!


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