War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 339-345

Getting SO close to the end…

We are back to the characters and continue with Pierre, who is a changed man. He’s kinder and therefore more popular. He’s not troubled by a lack of happiness; he’s just happy. Even formerly disagreeable people get along with him because he listens and treats them well, and he is able to find things to like in everyone, so he likes everyone, no matter how annoying they are. He’s an all around swell guy.

Then he finds out that Mary is in town, so he goes to visit to console her about Andrew. And he runs into Natasha, who he thought he’d gotten over, but when he sees her he’s fresh in love again. And she loves him back as well as she is able, and Mary tells him that a future wedding is very possible; just wait a little while until she’s recovered more from all the deaths.

So I think this plotline will end in a wedding. At least there’ll be some happiness there. And I see some future happiness for Mary too, I think. If we ever see Nicholas again.

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