War and Peace Saturday: Chapters 332-338

I’d gotten my hopes up last week, only to have them crushed again this week. We were back to general war-talk with uninteresting characters. The war is kind of over. The Emperor comes to survey things. Kutuzov is criticized, retreats and dies. Interestingly, a Count Tolstoy is mentioned. Could this be a cameo from our author? (I actually have no idea if he was even alive during this conflict to be present–maybe a father/grandfather cameo?)

Then we get one chapter of Pierre, who is recovering under the care of his faithful servants. He’s found God, for real this time, apparently.

Now that Kutuzov is dead I have higher hopes for the rest of the chapters to be focused on the characters I am interested in instead of politics and war and stuff. I’m hoping to hear about Nick Rostov…


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