A moment ago I decided to play a game of Mahjong on my computer while I was trying to think of a post to write (this one). When I finished I wasn’t any closer to getting an idea, but I still felt playing some games, which then gave me the idea of this post. So technically the game helped, I guess.

I am easily distracted by games and hobbies. I work on my many projects with quite a bit of dedication, even if that project is whatever Zelda game is out at the time. And though these distractions take away time I could be writing or reading or doing stuff for work, they are often what I look forward to the most. Knitting has also been a fun distraction for me. If I don’t have a specific knitting project I’ll make a pair of mittens to take to school to loan out, and I’ve had fun experimenting with color combinations and trying to get the size ratio just right.

So I am all for distractions because when I don’t distract myself enough I get stressed out, and that is not good. Yay distractions!


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