World Building, Emily Style

Another writing post, and as I write this I think, I am probably a month or two late on this to make it valuable to read for many writers out there, as November is now over and all those NaNoWriMos are all hibernating until their fingers and eyes recover from all that writing they’ve been doing. But here’s a writing post anyway.

For my work in progress I’ve created a whole new world that’s had to be a lot more extensive than anything I’ve written in the past. In fact, I’ve had the idea for this book for a long time (I started creating this world in my head and in numerous short stories and articles since 8th grade), but I’ve never felt like I was able to do it justice until now (hopefully). I’m really hoping my research will enhance this world and make it feel like it really could exist.

World building is hard. There is so much to take into account–and then remember to use as you’re writing. And I have my information everywhere. Everything typed on my computer in my usual character/plot files is old and probably outdated. I have at least one regular sized-notebook of notes, plus several pocket-sized ones. And as I’m writing I’m putting a lot of notes in the margins. The thought there is that I will put them in the computer as I’m typing. Oh, and my research notes are all on grocery-list-type paper that I have stuffed in the pocket of my Nook or under my desk calendar.

Hopefully I will get it together and update these computer files I have going because I can see this book extending beyond just the one, and though for future installments I’ll know more of the world from just the act of writing the first one, I still want to be consistent.

I’m actually a little disappointed in myself here. I’m usually extremely organized. But for now I feel that I am organized enough, and I’m satisfied with my disarray. There will be time later for organizing–like when I’m putting off doing something else, like editing.


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